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In memory of our beloved Tigger:
We shall always remember you as one of the most loving and affectionate Cats we took care of. On every visit, we hugged you, kissed you and pet you so much but you still wanted more... Your early departure from this earth, has filled our hearts with sorrow. Your mom misses you lots and so do we....

Our dear Shultz,
We miss you...
You were a great companion and the protector of your home and family. Your family loves you and will always remember you as one of the greatest dogs who ever lived... And us; we will always remember you as a great friend and a very special and wonderful dog whom we took care of.

In memory of a great cat who was more human than a cat! He followed us every where, would look into our eyes and ask for his favourite food "Friskies". He was always happy and friendly even though lately he was diagnosed with epilepsy and was not feeling that well. He had a great life; he was taken care of so well and was loved so much. His mom and dad and his companion Jane are missing him dearly and so do we ...
' Zorro: Il était une fois un chat heureux...' Anick

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